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A: 14a Old Princes Highway, Falls Creek NSW 2540

Located in the foothills of Jamberoo NSW, this large scale rural garden was constructed from a bare paddock. It features a lake, a large pond, a reflection feature pool, all of which are connected via a water course, with arched bridges, spillovers and a series of waterfalls.

Take the stonewalled lake walk, or a seat in the formal garden, or stand on the deck and study the view. This garden has been a long term project, constructed in stages, over the last six years, with an ongoing maintenance program.


  • A. Front entry
  • B. Formal pond
  • C. Formal pond 2
  • D. Formal garden
  • E. Formal garden Art
  • F. Formal entry
  • G. Formal garden at completion
  • H.Firepit
  • I. Pizza Oven
  • J. Middle pond
  • K. Middle pond 2
  • L. Middle pond 3
  • M. Middle pond 4
  • N. Garden walk
  • O. watercourse crossing
  • P. Lake walk
  • Q. Waterfall
  • R. Kitchen garden
  • S. Bedroom landing
  • T. Water course
  • U.Lake Bridge
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  • v1
  • w
  • x
  • y
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